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Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Flight!

Wendie Old has written Wright Brothers biographies for younger and older readers. An author visit is a great way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of flight in 2003.

What subjects can I speak on?

Bringing Dead Guys to Life
Biography doesn’t have to be boring. Biographies are the stories of real people and how they did things. But more importantly, biographies are the stories of why they did what they did. Biographical topics include:

Biographies can be read for fun by both children and adults; or they can add an extra dimension to reports and the study of history. I can discuss these windows through which we see see how other people lived--and help bring these dead guys to life.

How a Book is Made: From Idea to Finished Product
Presentations concentrate on picture books for younger readers or biographies for older readers.

Help Me Write My Next Picture Book
We’ve done Toes and Fingers. What should we write about next? How should it sound? Children help me create a picture book with rhythm and bounce.

Tell Me a Story
Children act out a familiar (or not-so-familiar) folk tale. Best done in small to medium sized groups.

The Best Books for Kids
And why kids like them.

So You Want to Be a Writer
The Ins and Outs of Publishing: helpful hints for writers young and old.

Presentatons also available for writer’s groups and for parent and family groups.

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About my books About meSchool/conference visitsContact me